It all started with a journey driven by my ambition to make a significant impact in Africa.

I’m a 2x founder who previously led a tech startup from homeless into a multi-million dollar business. I then launched a $10M Africa-focused fund with no Ivy League degree, wealthy family, or VC/PC experience. 

This space is dedicated to sparking your interest in exploring investment opportunities in the African market!

With Ajim Capital, my mission is to facilitate access to funding and support African startups in scaling into billion-dollar companies. 

I am motivated by the stories of talented African founders and determined to contribute to their success, giving back to the continent that has given me so much. Investing in startups in Africa is not just a good deal; it's an opportunity to unlock untapped potential and foster transformative growth in emerging markets.

Africa is transforming rapidly, and being part of its growth story can be financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

about eunice

Inspiring Progress and Nurturing African Entrepreneurship

Bridging the funding gap in Africa's tech ecosystem, while defying conventional expectations. With a focus on community, learning, and building a billion-dollar VC fund for Africa, I strive to drive positive change and empower African entrepreneurs.

What I'm 


I'm loving the journey of bridging the gap between access to funding in Africa and the rest of the world through Ajim Capital. It's incredible to see the growth of African tech startups and the potential they hold for shaping the continent's future.

What I'm 


I'm constantly learning about the challenges and opportunities in the African tech ecosystem and the importance of community and brand building in the venture capital space. I'm also learning to embrace the power of content creation to share my experiences and insights with a wider audience.

What I'm 

not about

I'm not about conforming to conventional norms or letting discouragement hold me back. Despite the skepticism and doubters, I've persisted in pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams and investing in African startups. I believe in defying expectations and making a meaningful impact.

what I


I firmly believe that the future of Africa lies in the hands of its entrepreneurs. By investing in high-growth tech startups and supporting their growth, we can unlock the continent's immense potential. I'm dedicated to building a billion-dollar VC fund focused on Africa and making a lasting difference in the ecosystem.

AJIM                "ALL FOR GOD" 


Know God.
Find Freedom. 
Discover Your Purpose.
Make a Difference.


Better Together.
Work Together.
Lead Together.


We Love God.
We Love People.
We Love Our Continent.



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Ajim Capital Fund is a $10M pre-seed/seed fund writing $25-250K checks into high-growth tech companies in Africa.

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