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Today, I want to share some golden nuggets of wisdom that come not only from my experience as a founder but also from my vantage point sitting on the other side of the table as an investor.

I’ve invested in 26 startups to date, and I typically make my decision within the first 5 minutes of a pitch.

Here are 7 tips that will instantly separate you from everybody else that has nothing to do with your pitch deck.

  1. Arrive early.

If you’re late, you’ve already lost.

You need to arrive early to clear your mind and center yourself.

Nervousness and rushing into the meeting isn’t a good start.

If you can’t arrive on time for this meeting, what message does that send?

  1. Start with a story.

It’s not about the pitch deck.

It’s about the story – the problem you’re solving and why you’re the best person to solve it.

A good story gets people to emotionally invest.

Think about the story you’re telling.

  1. Act as though you’re already partners.

Confidence is key.

Assume the investor is already a partner, and you’re just informing them on the progress of the business.

The language you use and the tone you set will be completely different.

  1. Understand what the investor is looking for.

Do your research beforehand.

Know the investor’s portfolio.

Know their sweet spot for investments.

Understand how your idea fits in.

  1. Be honest about the risks.

No business is perfect.

Share what you’re worried about.

Show them you’ve thought about the risks and have a plan B.

If you avoid the risks, you’re suspicious.

If you share the risks, you create trust.

  1. Show them you’re a good investment.

Investors aren’t just investing in the business.

They’re investing in you.

Be confident, honest, and enthusiastic.

Show them that you’re worth investing in.

  1. Follow up.

Follow up with them quickly.

Thank them for their time.

If you aren’t a match, thank them for their time and ask for feedback.

If you’re confident, prepared, and honest, you’ll get the investor’s investment

As someone who has walked both paths—as a founder and an investor—I know the challenges and triumphs that each side brings. Remember, it’s not just about delivering a pitch; it’s about embodying the spirit of your vision and proving that you’re worth the investment.

Stay passionate, stay dedicated, and keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Wishing you fruitful investments and entrepreneurial success!

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